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What Are 23 Gauge Butterfly Needles and How Do They Work?


When it comes to blood draws, butterfly needles are a must-have for the medical professional. At FACE Med Store, we carry a variety of sizes of these needles, including 23 gauge butterfly needles at FACE Med Store. These needles are ideal for drawing blood from small or fragile veins, as they have a smaller diameter and flexible tubing that reduces the risk of vein damage. If you’ve ever wondered what these types of needles are and why they’re used, then read on to learn more about how they work and why they’re so important in the medical field.

What Is a Butterfly Needle?

A butterfly needle is a type of intravenous catheter designed to draw blood quickly and easily from veins while reducing the pain the patient feels. It consists of two components: a flexible outer tube called a cannula with several tiny holes at its end, which helps guide the needle into the vein, and an inner hollow plastic tube called a winged infusion set that houses the needle itself. The wings attached to either side of the infusion set make it easier for healthcare professionals to hold onto during insertion into the vein.

Why Are 23 Gauge Butterfly Needles Used?

23 gauge butterfly needles are often used because they’re thin enough to enter small veins without causing significant pain or tissue damage. Additionally, their design allows for quick and easy access to veins when drawing samples for clinical testing or administering fluids or medications intravenously. This makes them ideal for patients who have fragile veins or those who need frequent blood draws such as cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. Furthermore, since most adults have larger veins than children do, 23-gauge butterflies are also commonly used in pediatric settings where smaller needles are needed due to safety concerns.

Benefits Of Using 23 Gauge Butterfly Needles

Using 23 gauge butterfly needles offers many benefits over other types of IV catheters, such as traditional straight IVs or even 21 gauge butterfly catheters. For one thing, they allow healthcare providers greater control over placement while still providing fast access times compared with other types of catheters, making them much safer and more efficient when taking multiple bloods draws from patients. In addition, their smaller size reduces both discomfort and risk of infection associated with inserting large-gauge IVs into delicate areas like hands or feet—important considerations when working with pediatrics especially!

What To Look For When Choosing A Butterfly Needle

When choosing a butterfly needle for your practice, you should consider several things: first, make sure it’s specifically designed for use on humans (not animals). Secondly, look for products with safety features like shields that cover up any exposed parts after use; this will help reduce accidents involving sharp objects left lying around in areas accessible by children or pets! Last but not least, make sure you choose reputable brands like those found at FACE Med Store—we guarantee quality materials and craftsmanship each time you order from us!

Conclusion – Get Your Supplies From FACE Med Store

Butterfly needles offer many advantages over traditional straight IVs and can be incredibly helpful in ensuring fast access times while placing less stress on delicate veins like those located in hands/feet–especially when dealing with pediatric patients! Whether you’re looking for single-use disposables or reusable ones featuring integrated safety features like shield covers, be sure to find your supplies at FACE Med Store, where we have high-quality 23 gauge butterfly needles available today!

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