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How Does Rhinoplasty Affect My Facial Features


How does Rhinoplasty affect my facial features? If you are considering having a nose job done and haven’t asked yourself this question, then you need to slow down and think about what you are about to do.

Will Rhinoplasty surgery directly affect the rest of your face? No, but it will do so indirectly. How does that work? Well, your nose is the center point of your face. Not only is your nose the center of your face, it’s also 3 dimensional since it extends forward toward other people. No other feature on your face does this which is another reason why your nose has such a major impact on the rest of your facial features.

The Size And Shape Of Your Nose Has An Impact On Your Other Facial Features

The size and shape of your nose has a major impact on the way that the rest of your facial features look. Specifically, it’s the proportion of your nose when compared with the rest of your face. If you have a big nose then the rest of your face may appear small, when in fact it is normal sized. Conversely, if you have a small nose then the rest of your face might appear to be too big even if it is not. These are just general examples of the many complex ways that the size of your nose impacts the rest of your facial features.

Your Nose Has A Major Effect On The Symmetry Of Your Face

Another important thing to remember about your nose is that it sits in the center of your face. So, if your nose is crooked, or too flat, or misshapen in any other way it’s going to affect the symmetry of your face in a negative way.

What you may not realize is that even if your nose is affecting your face in a negative way, this is how you currently see yourself and think of yourself.

So, after having a nose job to correct any of these issues it’s not uncommon at all for a patient to wake up and not recognize themselves.

The Size Of Your Nose Impacts The Apparent Size Of Your Other Facial Features

If you are considering having a nose job performed it is essential that you find an experienced plastic surgeon that can guide you through the process.

You need a surgeon that is able to guide you through the decision-making process that you need to undertake prior to your nose surgery.

You need a surgeon that will be able to look at the features on your face and then help you to plan out what type of look you should be aiming for your new nose to have.

Many People Are So Astonished By The Change In Their Appearance After Rhinoplasty Surgery That They Think More Cosmetic Work Has Been Performed

The effect that your nose has on your face is so pronounced that for many patients the changes they see make them think that they have indeed had more work done than they actually have had done. This illustrates just how much of an impact that your nose has on the appearance of the rest of your face.

Following your Rhinoplasty surgery if you feel like something doesn’t feel or look right with your face it’s important that you remain calm. You aren’t going to look your best following your nose job, and it’s going to take a while for you to get used to the new way that your face looks.

While you may feel some anxiety over what his happening, you should be able to take some comfort in knowing that this is a common reaction that people who have had Rhinoplasty surgery have.

The other thing that you should take comfort in is the fact that if you go to a surgeon for a nose job alone, then he or she isn’t going to take it upon themselves to perform any additional work. Any surgical work that they do will be confined strictly to your nose. So, believe it or not, the often dramatic changes that people notice in their faces following a nose job really is a result of the appearance of their nose being altered.

Your Nose Is Perhaps The Most Important Feature Of Your Face

It’s the center of your face, and while it may not be the most glamorous feature that we have, it’s certainly one of the most prominent. A nose that is perfectly proportioned and shaped is a nose that is probably rarely going to be noticed. That may sound less than ideal, but the truth is that you don’t really want anyone focusing on your nose when they look at you. If they are focusing on your nose when they look at you then they are probably doing so because there is something that doesn’t quite look right.

If you want proof that your nose shouldn’t be the feature that is most noticeable about you, take a moment to think about some of the more attractive celebrities that are known for their looks. How many of them have beautiful or striking eyes? How many have full lips, or a sculpted jawline? The point here is that these are the types of features that people are known for. Now, how many celebrities can you think of that are known for their perfect nose?

Probably not many, in fact, there probably aren’t any at all. The only time that someone is known for having a remarkable nose is when it is known for the wrong reasons, namely that it is not an attractive nose.

Who Knew That Noses Could Be So Complicated?

If you are considering having a nose job done you probably had no idea how much of an impact that something apparently so simple can have on your face. Maybe you had a little bump you weren’t happy with, or there was something slightly off about the symmetry of your nose.

No matter what your reasons for wanting to have a nose job, you may not have thought about how much of an impact your nose could have on how your entire face looks.

Remember, there ARE risks involved with this, like any procedure, but do your research and you should come out looking great ?

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